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Gerhard Richter . Martin Kippenberger

Gerhard Richter Swiss Alps

Gerhard Richter
Swiss Alps A1, 1969
From: Swiss Alps II
Silkscreen in black and two shades of grey on white board.
Edition: 50 unnumbered 

Martin Kippenberger drawing

Martin Kippenberger
Ohne Titel (Hamburger - Pommes frites - Cervesa), 1979
Original drawing with hand-written comments by Kippenberger over a table mat from a Mexican fast food restaurant.  26 x 38 cm 

Pablo Picasso . Robert Indiana

Pablo Picasso etching

Pablo Picasso
Femme Nue Se Cachant Le Visage, Avec Deux Hommes, 1966
Original aquatint etching, signed and inscribed. With the artist's stamped signature. Inscribed in pencil as 'épreuve avant aciérage' 
28,2 x 37,9 cm

Robert Indiana love silkscreen

Robert Indiana
LOVE / Die Deutsche Liebe / German Love, 1997
Hommage à Documenta 
Original silkscreen, signed and numbered. Compare Sheehan 42.
61 x 51 cm

Gerhard Richter . Canary Landscapes                                                      

Gerhard Richter print canary landscapes

Gerhard Richter
Canary Landscapes II, 1971
6 original heliogravures, each signed and numbered.
Catalog of graphic works: Butin/Gronert/Olbricht, Nr. 40 a-f.
Each 50,1 x 39,5 cm

Gerhard Richter print canary landscapes

Gerhard Richter
Canary Landscapes I, 1971
6 original heliogravures, each signed and numbered.
Catalog of graphic works: Butin/Gronert/Olbricht, Nr. 39 a-f.
Each 50,1 x 39,5 cm

Sol LeWitt . Robert Longo

Sol LeWitt A Pyramid Silkscreen

Sol LeWitt
A Pyramid, 1986
Silkscreen, signed and numbered
Catalogue Raisonné: 1986.03.
Edition 120 (90 + XXX), 10 AP, 3 PP. Catalogue Raisonné: 1986.03.
61 x 81,3 cm

Robert Longo Mnemonic Pictures Portfolio

Robert Longo
Mnemonic Pictures , 1995
24 Photogravures on smooth paper in original linen folio.
Editions Saga Pictures, Los Angeles/Zurich.
25,5 x 20,5 cm

Peter Fischli / David Weiss . Sol Lewitt

Peter Fischli / David Weiss Airport

Peter Fischli / David Weiss 
Airport, 1994
Photgraphic lithograph print, signed and numbered.
Edition: 175 + XXV
Achenbach Art Edition, Düsseldorf (Publisher)

Sol LeWitt Silkscreen The Four Sides for the Community Activities Center

Sol LeWitt
The Four Sides of the Tower for the Community Activities Center, Davenport, Iowa, 1983
Set of five silkscreen prints, signed and numbered
Edition: 30 +1 TP

Carlos Cruz-Diez . Transchromies . Couleur Additive

Carlos Cruz-Diez Transchromies

Carlos Cruz-Diez
Transchromies, 1965 

Transchromies Portfolio, 5 manipulable plates
Silkscreen on acetate in cardboard sleeve 

Edition: 250
Edition Denise René 

Carlos Cruz-Diez Couleur additive

Carlos Cruz-Diez
Couleur additive, 1970
Complete set of eight screenprints in colours 
Edition: 200
Edition Denise René 

Heinz Mack . Sol Lewitt

Heinz Mack Cardiogramm Objekt

Heinz Mack
Cardiogramm, 1970
Original Object, signed and numbered.
Embossing on aluminium fixed on a steel mirror.

Sol LeWitt Portfolio

Sol LeWitt
The Portfolio of Sol LeWitt, 1998
Set of12 lithographs, signiert, numbered and dated.
Edition: 30 +1 TP

Marcel Broodthaers . Raymon Pettibon

Marcel Broodthaers Six Lettres Ouvertes Avis

Marcel Broodthaers 
Six Lettres Ouvertes Avis, 1972
6 Offset- lithographs
1 sheet signed
Edition Griffelkunst-Vereinigung, Hamburg
29,7 x 21 cm

Raymond Pettibon & David Larsen Drawing

Raymond Pettibon & David Larsen
Original monotype, signed
Signed by both artists on verso
47,3 x 39,8 cm

Günther Uecker . Andy Warhol

Günther Uecker woodcut

Günther Uecker
5 Bäume, 1986
5 woodcut on heavy laid paper in original folio
All sheets signed and numbered
Edition Original, Hofhaus Presse
70 x 51 cm

Andy Warhol Campbell's Tomato Soup Screenprint

Andy Warhol
Campbell's Tomato Soup Can, 1966
Screenprint on paper bag
Released in 1966 by the Institute of Contemporary Art Boston
Literature: Feldman/Schellmann/Defendi II.4 A
60 x 43 cm

Marina Abramović . Cindy Sherman

Marina Abramović Multiple

Marina Abramović
Untitled, 1985
Silkscreen on plastic box with cassette tape. Signed and numbered.
Edition: 200

Cindy Sherman Photography

Cindy Sherman 
Untitled, 1986
Signed and numbered.
Edition: 90 + XXX

Katharina Grosse . Maria Lassnig

Katharina Grosse Auflage Multiple

Katharina Grosse
Untitled, 2018
Signed and numbered.
Edition: 100 + 20 A.P.+ 2 P.P. 

Maria Lassnig Aquarell Gemälde

Maria Lassnig
Meditations-Sessel, 1968/87
Watercolour over etching on velum paper. 
Signed and inscribed as a proof.

Richard Serra . Andy Warhol

Richard Serra Lithography Print

Richard Serra
Untitled, 1973
Colour lithograph on paper.
Signed and numbered.
Edition: 300
Stamp © Copyright 1973 Richard Serra. Published by: Experiments in Art and Technology, New York.

Andy Warhol Committee Silkscreen

Andy Warhol 
Commitee 2000, 1982
Silkscreen, signed and numbered.
Edition: 2000
Catalogue raisonne: Feldman/Schellmann, Nr. II.289

Günther Fruhtrunk . Hermann Nitsch

Günter Fruhtrunk Horizons Portfolio Siebdruck

Günter Fruhtrunk
Horizons, 1974
Portfolio with 7 silkscreen prints, 
each signed and numbered.
Paris, Éditions Denise René, 1974.
Edition: 140

Hermann Nitsch Malaktion Schüttbild

Hermann Nitsch
18. Malaktion, 1986
Signed, dated and inscribed.
From a series of 79 unique works.